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  1. Serengeti By Matouk
    Serengeti By Matouk

    100% cotton jacquard woven in Italy.

    Starting at $77.00

  2. Felino by Sferra
    Felino by Sferra

    Yarn-dyed sateen jacquard. 100% Long-staple cotton. 

    Starting at $150.00

  3. Corbello
    Sophisticated Basket Weave Jacquard. 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton, 630 Strand Count, Woven in Italy. Manufactured in Canada.

    Starting at $194.00

  4. Melba by Sferra
    Melba by Sferra

    Yarn-dyed Sateen jacquard.  100% Long-staple cotton. Made in Italy.

    Starting at $234.00

  5. Ponza by Signoria
    Ponza by Signoria

    100% Egyptian combed cotton.

    Starting at $235.00

  6. Roseto by Signoria
    Roseto by Signoria

    Classic Rose motif Jacquard. 100% cotton. Imported from Italy.

    Starting at $235.00

  7. Blue
    Azulejo by Signoria
    Yarn dyed jacquard on 500 thread count.

    Starting at $235.00

  8. Ravello by Signoria
    Ravello by Signoria

    Classic design with embroidered detail. 100 cotton sateen. Imported from Italy.

    Starting at $235.00

  9. Cerboli by Signoria
    Cerboli by Signoria
    Sophisticated Fern Yarn Jacquard Constructed on 500 Thread Count Egyptian Combed Cotton.

    Starting at $255.00

  10. Taormina

    Taormina on 300 thread count, 100% Egyptian Cotton Sateen Jacquard. 

    Starting at $285.00

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